Your first step should be full of joy, not paperwork.

Home studies just got happier.

A home study is the first step in a private domestic adoption, and now in embryo donation as well.

With PairTree, we'll connect you to a licensed social worker in your State and guide you through the private adoption home study process online – increasing happiness while reducing time, logistics and fees.

I can't believe it's 2021, and someone just figured this out. [pairtree home study] is so much easier than the old way.

– Adoptive Parent

Working with PairTree made our home study so easy.

Adoptive Parent

This is so different from the old process. You have literally simplified this to the point where I'm looking forward to it.

Adoptive Parent

We were DEFINITELY intimidated on where to start, but it was so easy with PairTree!

Adoptive Parent

    Why choose PairTree Home Study?

    PairTree works with a nationwide network of certified Social Workers to approve you for private domestic adoption in the most efficient way possible. Our easy, step-by-step process eliminates the frustrations of conventional home study methods:



    Modern & Digital Process

    No more paperwork! And we’ll auto-save your info as you go so you can start+stop on your own time.


    Timing Matters

    We guide you through gathering and orchestrating documents to maximize your home study approval.


    Collaboration Ready

    Collaborate with your spouse/partner
    as each of you have time from wherever you are.


    Maximize Efficiency

    Get the most out of your home study –we audited thousands of home studies to create maximum-efficiency method.


    Once is Plenty

    Do it once, the right way — reduce the need to go through a renewal process and pay renewal fees by 86%.


    Certified Professionals

    Choose from a wide variety of State licensed professionals or use your own.

    refernce follow-up


    Invite your personal, professional and medical references with a simple online form. (We’ll take care of nagging them.)



    Unlike manual home study processes, your data is protected with 3-pt encryption.


    Access Anywhere

    Access your application and home study report from anywhere, anytime on any device.

    If you are pursuing a domestic, private adoption –
    this is the happiest way to get home study approved. 

    How much does a home study cost?

    Avoid the hidden fees in the conventional home study process!

    On average, families pay over $3K+ for a private adoption home study because over 70% of adopting families have to renew their home study at least once (that means more paperwork too!)



    Total fees


    (+ application fees)
    Home Study (Pre-Placement Report)
    Unlimited Education
    (with certificates!)
    12-Months of   Matching on PairTree
     Licensed Social Workers
    Covered by
    Insurance Benefits
    Child or Embryo Adoption
    Secure Data Storage
    $100 of Provider Travel Expenses  Covered

    Note: Home studies in certain states are more than $2,100 because our home study providers in certain states charge more. Rest assured, you still get all the perks of PairTree Home Study.

    What is the home study process?

    A private domestic adoption home study is a big first step,
    and we’ll help you navigate every step of the way.

    Welcome to the modern way to home study.



    STEP 1

    Our application will collect your information, walking you through each section step-by-step. Take your time on the answers, and live support is just one click away.

    STEP 2
    In-Home Visits

    Once you submit your application, your social worker will reach out to you with questions and set up your first in-home visit. (Don't worry... we'll help prepare you!)

    STEP 3
    Home Study Report

    You did it! Once you receive your final home study or letter of approval, you're ready to start connecting with Biological Families. To start, we'll give you 12-months of free matching on PairTree. 

    STEP 4
    Start Matching!

    With personality-based matching, identity verification and 20+ Biological Moms joining each month, you'll increase and accelerate your opportunity to connect with Biological Families. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will something from my past prevent me from being approved?

    Honesty is the best policy!

    We all have a past. DUIs, shoplifting, arrests – they aren't dealbreakers for adopting. That said, you will need to be honest about your past and talk with your social worker about it.

    And if you're adopting with another person, your past will be discussed as part of this process.

    Can I use my own social worker, or only ones recommended by PairTree?
    Absolutely! You can use your own social worker  once they've registered on the PairTree platform. Ask them to go through the fast (and free) registration process so that we can verify their license -- and then the two of you will be off to the races!

    If you don't have your own social worker - no problem! We've searched for the best to provide you with some excellent options in your area.
    How long does it take and how much does it cost?

    Typically, the process takes 6-weeks, but can be faster (or slower if you'd like). The fee is $2,100 and includes:

    •  A  home study (embryo or infant/child adoption)
    • 12-months free matching on PairTree

    That's over $4000 worth of value – yours for just $2,100.

    What kind of home study do I need?

    PairTree Home Study is for families interested in private adoption (sometimes called Independent Adoption or Open Adoption.) It is when the birth parents and the adoptive parents make an agreement that the adoption should go forward

    Start your PairTree Home Study today

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