The modern home study.

We worked with Professionals and Adopting Families nationwide to develop the first online home study platform.

The result is a modern technology solution that allows you to spend your valuable time on what really matters – ensuring the adopting family is safe, ready to parent and adequately prepared to adopt.

My client loved it. And having the family's application split screen when creating the report is definitely more organized. 

– Social Worker, LCSW

Never having to answer "what do I still need to get you" is worth it alone!

- WA State Adoption Agency

    Get back to the work you love!

    Families want and expect technology to be part of the adoption process. With PairTree’s Home Study process, your families get a modern technology solution and you get an easy way to manage and build your clients along with so much more:



    Less Paperwork!

    We remove 89% of the paperwork and give you a hard copy for your records


    Grow Your Business

    We have thousands of  adopting families that are looking for help


    Increase your Hourly

    We take care of the logistics, so you'll make more by doing less


    Custom Approach

    Add your custom clearances  and training requirements 


    Comprehensive Data

    Our background checks include Federal, National, State, County charges, Sex Offender and SSN traces


    Choose your Cases

    Pick the cases you want and pass on the ones you don’t


    Seemless Tracking

    Our dashboard displays where your families are in their home study process 


    Enhanced Security

    Adopting Families data is protected with cutting-edge security


    Calendar Sync

    We can schedule in-home visits for you based on your availability. (Optional)



    Build a team so you can collaborate with other social workers if needed


    Simplified Billing

    We handle billing, so you get get paid on time, every time – no matter what


    On-Demand Access

    Easily share essential files with clients, attorneys, ICPC – from any device


    PairTree Home Study
    How does it work?

    It's beyond easy! You register – licensed social workers and agencies only please. Once we verify you, we'll start connecting
    you with families ready to start their home study.

    Rest assured, you'll never be forced to take a case. For every case, you'll have the option to accept it based on the comprehensive application the family has submitted, schedule a call with the family to learn more or decline to take the case.



    STEP 1
    Register as a Home Study Professional

    Register – it's fast and free! We'll verify your license, and notify you when a family in your area has submitted their comprehensive application and selected you as their first choice.

    STEP 2
    Receive Home Study Applications

    For every family application, you'll have the option to accept it based on the comprehensive application information submitted, schedule a call with the family to learn more or decline to take the case. You get paid once you accept the case and the home study is scheduled.

    STEP 3
    Conduct your Home Study Process

    Spend your valuable time on what really matters. Our easy-to-use and intuitive system keeps everyone on track – freeing up time for you to focus on the good work you do. 

    We only work with the best. Schedule a demo today.

    To ensure our Adopting Families safety, only licensed social workers and agencies can apply. Bonus points if you are SAFE certified as well!

    30 min demo
    One-on-one with Founder, Erin Quick
    Get your questions answered
    No obligtation


    Get paid to do what you love, not what you don't!

    $1,500 / completed home study
    $500 / renewal

     (Travel & expenses reimbursed separately) 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What background checks and clearances does PairTree coordinate for me?

    We'll take care of the below for you:

    • Federal, National, State and County criminal checks
    • Sex offender clearance
    • FBI clearance
    • Child Abuse and Neglect clearance (this will be sent direct to you)

    We also take care of:

    • Personal and Professional References
    • Medical Release and References
    • Services Agreement (that protects you)
    • Ability to add-in your custom education or training requirements
    • Option to sync with your calendar to schedule appointments for you
    • Billing (we'll collect payment from the families, and ensure you get paid on time)
    Can I see an example of the background clearances report?

    Yes – here's an example of the the background report you'd receive on each family.

    Note: this is just an example. We're pretty sure Jennifer Anniston didn't do any of this.

    How will I be paid?
    We pay $1,500 per Home Study and $500 for per Home Study  renewal.
    ...and we'll give $50 to each person that registers. And $25 for each professional you refer that also registers. 
    The funds can be directly deposited into your account or we can send you a paper check.
    What is PairTree's role in the home study?
    PairTree’s goal is to modernize the adoption process in the US. We believe in technology’s ability to increase and accelerate opportunities for Biological Families, Adopting Families, Adoptees and Adoption Professionals. 
    We work collaboratively with the adoption community to identify the greatest challenges in adoption, and then build the tools and services to address them. (And the conventional Home Study process is one that was begging for improvement!)
    How do I save a spot in the PairTree Home Study pilot?
    Submit your info in the form at the bottom of this page. Remember: you taking a spot means another social worker won’t get one, so only save a spot if you’re ready to start working with families in September. 
    Its pretty stunning. Simple things, like having family's application split scrren creating the report. I didn't know how much i needed it.  definitely felt more organized.

    – Social Worker, LCSW

    Never having to answer "what do I still need to get you" is worth it alone!

    - WA State Adoption Agency

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